I am pleased to formally introduce myself as the new President of Extrel CMS.  After serving a 12-year-tenure with Tiger Optics, I am thrilled to be given the opportunity to lead Extrel as Group President. I look forward to continued success and collaboration with you, our valued customers! 

Extrel joined the Process Insights family in March 2020, and our team welcomes this opportunity to be part of a broader global organization of well-established, global analytical brands:  Extrel CMS, COSA Xentaur, Alpha Omega Instruments, Hygrocontrol, LAR Process Analysers, Tiger Optics, MBW Calibration and ATOM Instrument.

Process Insights’ portfolio is benchmarked on innovative, differentiated proven, time-tested field solutions for industrial process control and safety. 

Our highly complementary products and technologies enable us to serve our customers comprehensively through a more complete product offering to our industrial and laboratory customers.  We make it easy to do business with us.

We help our customers worldwide to develop the products and services that make our world a better and safer place.

Most importantly, I am exceptionally proud of our team.  From applications, to sales, to customer support, our hard-working team of experts provide unsurpassed service every day.  What is very clear, no matter the industry or customer challenge, our commitment is to help our customers optimize and future-proof their business to achieve new performance benchmarks.  We lead with our innovation.  

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Flare Gas Mass Spectrometers

Reduce Emissions, Cost and Complexity of Flare Compliance 

Flare gas analysis can seem complicated. Industrial vent gas is a complex mixture of hydrocarbons, VOCs, and other compounds, and the owner of the flare often faces a combination of requirements from federal, local, and site-specific regulations. Fast, accurate composition analyzers are helping industry address both issues, and lower overall emissions. 

A real-time, flare mass spectrometer can analyze the total composition of the vent gas going to the flare. This usually consists of hydrocarbons, hydrogen, VOCs, nitrogen, and combustion gases. Some flares, like those found in oil refineries, can also have high concentrations of H2S, sulfurs, or other corrosive compounds. 

The mass spectrometer measures everything in the sample. Parameters like Net Heating Value (NHV) and Total Sulfur (TS) are calculated and reported in real-time. This means that one mass spectrometer is sufficient to meet all the regulatory requirements placed on the flare. 

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Global Hydrogen Revolution is Real and is Changing the World 

the future of energy

 A global hydrogen revolution is underway and Extrel CMS and Tiger Optics are well suited to lead the way in purity analysis.  With recent global initiatives for green energy sources, zero-emission vehicles and other industrial transportation products, hydrogen looks to be an important fuel source for the 21st century.
Purity analysis over the entire lifecycle of hydrogen is of growing importance as the production, storage and use of hydrogen expands.  The European Commission estimates that over 30% of the European fuel mix could be represented by hydrogen by 2050.  Countries in Europe are adding hundreds of hydrogen fueling stations this decade.  In the United States, California aims to have 1.5 million zero-emission vehicles on the road by 2025.  To support this goal, the California Energy Commission is supporting the installation of 100 fueling stations throughout the state. 
Although fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV) receive most of the press, there are many other industrial uses of hydrogen fuel cells.  The hydrogen power distribution market is continuously evolving adding thousands of on-site generators of hydrogen to power everything from forklifts, pallet jacks and other industrial equipment.

Extrel CMS and Tiger Optics both have a long history of working with hydrogen purity at all stages in the lifecycle.  With the powerful combination of Extrel Mass Spectrometry and Tiger Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy (CRDS), we are able to meet or exceed analysis requirements for all impurities in the various industry standards regulating the purity of fuel-cell-grade hydrogen. 
Our portfolio of analyzers, based on Mass Spectrometry and CRDS, offer many key advantages which our industrial partners demand for their hydrogen purity analysis, including: 

Process Analytical Technology (PAT)

The Pharmaceutical industry continues to be an essential element of healthcare systems worldwide. Today’s manufacturers need to know about the latest  Process Analytical Technology (PAT)  and the impacts due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Unprecedented demand for production at massive scale requires significantly improved processes from research labs, to pilot plants, to full-scale production sites through supply chain.

Demand for implementing the most innovative, cutting-edge technologies in pharmaceutical industries has never been more laser focused or more competitive. Extrel strives to provide our customers with innovative solutions allowing them to increase product yield, improve product quality, minimize downtime, and better control their manufacturing processes.

In the fermentation process, the growth of bacteria and production of drugs takes place under very tight conditions. The aeration rate, temperature and dosage of nutrients are regulated very closely during several stages of the process.

The Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer is used to provide full, fast, and precise analysis of the incoming air and the off gas from the fermenter.

MAX300-BIO Bioreactor Gas Analyzer

MAX300-BIO Bioreactor Gas Analyzer has been installed in major manufacturing stages within pharmaceutical industries. One of the main applications is for fermentation process control. 


We continue to collectively transition through COVID-19 each day.  This pandemic has made us come together to rally our human spirit more than ever before.  

Our customers are separated by miles, states, countries, time zones, yet we are all experiencing the same things.  The way we used to do business has been affected but we want you to know that we are still here for you.  

In our upcoming newsletters, you will find interesting features describing new solutions and applications, progress, and successes. I am personally interested in any comments or thoughts you might have related to our newsletter content.



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Extrel Now Offering Regional Support to provide faster, quality service responses to our ever-growing customer base.  

Extrel has now bolstered its main support hub in Pittsburgh with regional placement of factory trained personnel across North America.   This regional support structure now allows for a deeper understanding of sites needs and processes.

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